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Attach the installation brackets that come with the fireplace door to the back of the frame. There should be two for each side of the fireplace door .
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Adjust the clamps to align them with the lintel on your fireplace . 2. Attach the two floor brackets to the bottom of the door frame.
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ponderosa forge wrought iron fireplace door hinges hand forged fireplace doors . Option #10. wrought iron fireplace doors . Option #13
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In most cases, there are brackets that project into the fireplace opening that are positioned on the back side of the fireplace door frame.
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewThe installer must detormine the best method to get the fireplace door mounted securely to the opening. The altemative brackets may be used instead of
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Fireplace door / front panel mounting bracket set # 20275. File Format: PDF/ Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewThe installer must determine the best method to mount
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Fireplace Door Special - Slimline Flat Black - Fame Size 34"w x 25"h .... You will need a lintel clamp in order to use the extension bracket .
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How to Install Glass Fireplace Doors . By: Alexandra Bandon, This Old House Set these aside; you will need them later to attach the brackets and clamps.
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1) You want to make sure your fireplace glass doors go in the right way - not upside down! Look for two spacer brackets - these indicate the bottom of the